Friday, January 11, 2013

Susun's First Car

You aren't going to believe this but what you see above was the first car Susun ever drove.  No kidding.  Somehow, our dinner conversation morphed into vehicles and, by and by, it morphed into this--what you see above.  Susun's Mom, Doris decided to buy THIS vehicle brand NEW off the lot in 1959.  Being The Hot Mama Susun's Mom was, Doris opted for the Muscle Engine and "four on the floor."  This is the first vehicle Susun ever got to drive.  Can you imagine that?  I mean like, YIKES!  Susun's been sitting here in front of the computer telling me stories about driving this car down Mesa, Arizona, Main Street in 1963-64 and I am like, mesmerized.  Really?  Tell me more, Honey.  Somehow, I hear Todd & Buz in my head tonight. Get Your Kicks ON Route 66 anyone?

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