Thursday, January 17, 2013

Road Trip Report

We had a wonderful Road Trip in every way.  Yesterday was wonderful.  The overnight at The Highlander was wonderful and today was wonderful.  I mean, gee, did we say it was wonderful?

We returned home about 3:30 pm and had everything totally de-rigged in under an hour. The whole process was totally casual--no stress whatsoever.

Our only "problem" of the trip was a flat tire.  However, it was a wonderful flat tire.  Oh, come on, John, how could a flat tire be wonderful?  Well, the tire went flat overnight while we were sleeping in a warm cozy motel room.  We discovered it this morning.  So, we had a warm cozy room from which to change the tire at our leisure using a floor jack on smooth asphalt.  That's pretty wonderful as far as flat tires go on a Road Trip.  Meanwhile, we took the tire a few blocks to an Old School tire repair place and returned to the motel to spend time interviewing owners Alan and Sandra who are restoring the place.  So, there was no lost time as a result of the flat.  Meanwhile, we returned to the repair shop and the guy said there was nothing wrong with the tire and no repairs were necessary.  Therefore, no repair costs were necessary. We put the tire back on the Samurai, left Williams at our scheduled departure time, drove it home today and it performed fine.  So, I guess that qualifies as a wonderful flat tire.  Would you agree?

We have a genuine ba-zillion of photos to deal with.  The hood cam took over 2000 photos.  We added maybe 100 or so ourselves and did a few videos, too, plus an MP3 audio snippet.  We've kind of made a deal with ourselves that if we can't process everything by Sunday, we will delete it.  We will see how that promise works out.

Nothing much else to report.  Have a wonderful night and many Wonderful Cheers!  jp

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