Saturday, January 19, 2013

It had to happen

We're surprised this hasn't happened to us before now.  Back in December down in Phoenix, we bought two Sony Class 10, 16 gig SDHC memory cards.  Well, naturally, both of the cards looks precisely the same.  We've been using one in the Fuji long lens camera and one in the GoPro camera.

Lately, as you know, we've been fooling around using the GoPro as a hood cam and we're now calling it a "Sam Cam."  On our Jerome-Williams trip, it took 2600 photos and yesterday it took 499 photos.  Well, that amount of photos takes up a huge amount of memory, even on a 16 gig card.  Sooo.....what's a guy to do but wipe the GoPro card clean to get ready for the next road trip. you know where this is going.  Anyway, without double checking, we picked up the wrong SD card last night and wiped ALL of our Year 2013 photos off the SD card we use in the Fuji long lens camera.  POOF, gone!  We're sure you've all experienced that unique sinking feeling with you realize you've just destroyed hundreds of digital files with no earthly hope of ever getting them back again.  It was a very stupid and dumb, lame brain thing to do, that's for sure and we have been beating ourselves up pretty badly about it ever since.  How much extra time would it have required to double check the content of the SD card before wiping it clean?  Um...maybe a couple of minutes, max.

On the brighter side, we did offload all of the Jerome-Williams pix from the card 12 hours earlier so they are still alive.  Also, now we no longer have to wonder and worry about what to do with all those other hundreds of photos taken  from New Year's Eve to January 18th!

Moral of this story--take time to double check what you are deleting before you hit the "Button Of No Return!"

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