Saturday, January 19, 2013

More Williams coverage

As you've read below, we had a mighty fine trip from Jerome to Williams and back via Perkinsville.  We will be posting up stuff from that trip for the next few days.  Here's a nice dose-o-Williams for your Saturday morning.

First, we made a YouTube video from a slideshow using about 124 photos of our 20 hours in Williams.  You can see the video here:

In the video, you can see some scenes of The Highlander Motel and the Marilyn Monroe Room in which we stayed.

As promised, we did do some interview work with the Belgium couple who own the place.  We put up a couple of video interviews with them and let them give us an OK to post which they did yesterday.  So, here is where you can find their interviews.  Alan is soft-spoken so the audio is a little weak on his narrative.  Those who still have good hearing will have no problem understanding him.

We did get some great Route 66 photo ops but Susun doesn't want to release the video and photo products until her birthday in a couple of weeks.  The one above has been approved for public consumption.

Many Cheers! jp

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