Monday, January 7, 2013

Five Fires

We ended Year 2012 on a slow note with the last camp fire being the Winter Solstice on December 21.  We didn't have another camp fire until the evening of New Year's Day.  Since then, we've enjoyed five fires. We need a "fire-o-meter" that would automatically count how many fires we have.  They are all so photogenic but, yes, we know, even DF & LBRs tire of seeing yet another fire foto.  Hey, we can't help ourselves.  We LOVE our camp fires!  As you know, we've been burning two species of juniper for the last few years.  Our latest stash of wood includes quite a bit of oak.  It's a whole different gig burning oak.  It burns longer, keeps a flame looking better and just generally behaves quite a bit different than the fast burning cedar.  Looking at our wood stash, we can easily project we have enough fuel to keep the home fires burning through April with enough remaining to give us a great head start once again in November 2013.

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