Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trip Prep Status

Where do we stand?  How's it coming along?  When are we leaving?  These are all good questions.  A Status Update is in order.

Last year, we arrived in Arizona on November 4th so the extra time we have this year is really a great bonus.  We haven't yet had to hyperventilate about anything.  Nor do we feel rushed or harried.

Each day we look at the Big List and just try to cross a few things off.  Things are going quite well and we are easily on schedule to leave this coming Saturday as planned....except.  Except for what?  Weather.

Yep, wouldn't you know it.  The weather is almost certain to throw the typical monkey wrench in our plans.  It's highly likely that Saturday will be a really crummy travel day with cold, snow, ice, high wind, all the typical Idaho fall squall scene.

We're simply not set up to leave any earlier than Saturday.  If Sunday looks good, we will probably make a run for it then, hoping to get through Salt Lake with somewhat reduced traffic flow.  We both loathe driving through Salt Lake on a weekday but this time there may be no choice if the weather is bad on both Saturday AND Sunday.

We wrote a post on the Geek Weather blog about the upcoming changes.  You can read it here:

Arizona isn't going to get any of the precipitation expected this far north.  However, the temps are going to be MUCH cooler, if not downright COLD by early next week.

Well, that's our Status Update.  Many Cheers, jp

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