Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Latest

OK, So what's The Latest?  It's Thursday evening as we write this.  The storm is coming.  How it hits and how hard is still "up in the air," so to speak.

Tomorrow afternoon The City turns off our water.  We will still have electricity until Monday.  We will stockpile water for toilet flushing, etc.

Our Game Plan harks back to the days of childhood football games on the grass lawns of people whose names we will never remember.  Anyway, here's what the quarterback told us in the huddle: "Parsons--run a fade and when it clears in the middle run deep and long for the end zone--I will hit you over your right shoulder."

That's what's going on here with out "X's" and O's."  When the "X" zone hits the "O" Zone, we come our of our fade fake and run deep to the Arizona Goal Line.  The quarterback is gonna hit us the shoulder with a soft high ball as we score.

We're pretty much loaded--not quite locked.  Lots to do but things are progressing well and we are happy.  There continues to be no hyperventilation.  Life is Good.  Many Cheers, jp

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