Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The "Before" Photos

This is what it looked like when we drove up to our place after a wet monsoon summer that sent the weeds into overdrive.  We will post the "After" photos later today when we put the finishing touches on all our weed control.
 We always know it's going to be "bad."  The question will always be "Just HOW bad?"
 The tumbleweeds flourished this year because the monsoon season was wet enough to allow a second sprouting.
Luckily, the pre-emergent chemical we used worked in the areas we hoped it would.  We focused on saturating the area right in front of the house so we wouldn't have to hack our way through weeds to get to the door as has been the case in some past years.
 The south side of the house stayed somewhat clear and it was easy to unshutter the place..
 Likewise, we tried to use the pre-emergent chemical to preserve a semblance of a path to our ramada and camp fire area.  It wasn't as bad as it's been in past years.

 Meanwhile, the southern portion of our land was chock full of tumbleweeds.
 The roadside area was quite dense with all sorts of weeds.
It didn't take too long to knock back the nightshade plants between our sheds.

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