Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One week later

We arrived here at 2nd Chance Ranch a week ago today.  As usual, it's been a total blur since then.  This is the very first morning we've had time and energy to think about catching up on this blog.  This post includes nine photos from our trip.
 We waited most of the morning to depart Idaho Falls, leaving about 11 am.  It was cold and the highways were still somewhat messy from IF to Pocatello.  The Salt Lake was really dumped on.  We could see places that easily had a foot or more of snow--our Dear Friend Bryan said his place received 20 inches.
 Sunday night at the Painted Rocks campground in Yuba State Park was one of the colder nights we've experienced in a long time.  It was very cold--single digits and it took us both over an hour to warm up in our heated vehicles.
 There was surprisingly heavy snow much farther south that we expected.  This is Big Rock Candy Mountain just south of I-70 on the Sevier River.  The snow zone didn't end until well south of Panguitch.
 When we finally crested over the top of the North Kaibab Plateau, we enjoyed one of the signature views of Old Highway 89 looking out over the Vermilion Cliffs and Marble Canyon with Lees Ferry in the far, far distance.
 Speaking of far, far distance, the road between House Rock Valley and Cliff Dwellers is easily one of the straightest roads in this region.  The pavement stretches out like a piano wire.
 Monday night we used the Samurai to drive out a dirt road to the Badger Creek overlook above the Colorado River.
 The cozy comfort of Susan K's Place at Vermilion Cliffs is always such a welcome oasis.
 We never tire of the stirring scenery of the Vermilion Cliffs and Marble Canyon.
Naturally, we also had to visit Lees Ferry.  We feel it's against the law to drive across the Lees Ferry bridge without pausing to go down to the actual ferry site itself.  Here's Susun celebrating our return on the beach and alluvial rock bar below the Paria River confluence with the Colorado.