Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

(NOTE: I thought this post was put up yesterday--just noticed it was only in the "Draft" folder.  Oops!)

We've been thinking about our Dear Friends all day today--seeing images of Happy Faces sitting at tables, playing games in the yard, swapping tales on the patio, sharing stories and all those wonderful things people do on Thanksgiving Day.  We had a fine time at Joanne's Place today.  Norman Rockwell made a cameo appearance before moving on to all the other time-honored, classic gatherings he had to cover.

After returning back to 2nd Chance Ranch, we resolutely decided to try to walk off some of the feast we had just enjoyed.  This year we are Blessed and Very Thankful for a brand new "walking track" out on the National Monument.  They probably don't call it a walking track but that's what it amounts to.  Much it is is covered with mulch and it's quite a nice thing.  The graphic shows our first pass using the GPS to attempt to determine its distance and our speed, etc.

We will have to adjust the track function of the GPS to better capture the twists and turns of the walking track.  Anyway, this first attempt give a pretty good idea of how the track lays out around the pasture (now called The Old Field).

It's a .88 mile loop and our time on each lap was 16:45. Three laps wold be 2.64 miles and four laps would be 3.52 miles.  We'd like to think we can work up to an hour a day out there on the walking track to try to get back in shape.  We will post up some photos of the track and the various views from the track tomorrow.

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