Friday, October 26, 2012

Two Week Warning

The Two Week Warning point was reached today.  Two weeks from today we will have already have had our water shut off.  We will be going through the last 18 hours of our departure routine.

When we arrive at the "two week warning," it is almost analogous to when a pro football game comes down to the "two minute warning."  You know the game is almost over when time runs that short.  Likewise, we know our Idaho Season is almost over.  Time to go into the "hurry up offense" to get all the remaining nit-picky chores and tasks done

We're planning on leaving Saturday so we can drive through Salt Lake on Sunday morning. But it's really two weeks from today when the pedal hits the metal.

Tomorrow is the last Farmers Market of the season--always kind of sad to see it end.  Once we return from the last market, it's time to roll up some sleeves and dive into some grind-it-out-style football action here at the homestead.  Looking around our place, there's so much to do..

The snow sure hasn't cooperated.  It's still here and, in fact, snow is still sifting out of the gray evening sky.
This is when we look at all those leaves piled high in our yard and start to get a little concerned.  Will there be time to deal with them?  If not, who will?  And when?

Before we started our semi-annual migrations, we never gave such things a second thought.  Everything got done when it got done and it was no big deal.  Now, it's a whole different ballgame and we're down to the Two Week Warning.  First and Ten.  Play Ball.

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