Monday, October 29, 2012

Final Farmers Market

It was C-O-L-D Saturday morning for the last Farmers Market of the season.  Temps were hovering in the upper 20's and the humidity was around 90%.  It has snowed overnight and it was just flat C-O-L-D.

Actually, there were very few hardy shoppers perusing the few vendors who braved the chilly morning.  Well, we go to the market no matter what the weather whenever we are in the city. It's always special to greet the marketeers on their first and last days.  It's a long six month season.
 Keith wanted to give me some Special Kudos for all the help I've given the 
Market over the years and especially during the past few weeks.  
Keith was effusive in his praise and it made my blush redder than my jacket!
 Yea, verily, the frost was upon the pumpkins.
Keith and his wife, Stephanie, the Market Manager, share a smile with Susun.  It was a fun morning.

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