Thursday, September 27, 2012

Neighborhood kayaking

SURF's UP!  Well, at least if you consider a small wave in an irrigation canal a surfing wave.  This feature is about 3 blocks from our home.  We've heard it was once an actual quasi-whitewater-park-in-the-making.  We've watched it closely for years and (until today) never observed actual REAL kayakers playing in the wave.

Bear in mind this irrigation canal runs bigger than The Verde River 24/7 all summer long.

When we caught a glimpse of a flashing paddle rising into the setting sunlight, we did a break-neck u-turn to go back and see "whazzup."

Wouldn't it be great if we could resurrect this play spot and turn it into a mini-whitepater park?  That would mean I could actually WALK to a kayak play spot from our home on 12th Street.  How good would that be?  VERY GOOD!  Indeed.

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