Monday, August 27, 2012

Outta da fire

We've been taking a break from the forest fire scene today.  It's been such truly clear skies so bright they make blue birds smile.  No smoke whatsoever in the sky.  People here in Idaho Falls have been slightly happier than normal.  Mary Poppins made a Guest Appearance.  It was a Good Tater Nation Day.

We've been takin' a well deserved break fro the Halstead Fire coverage on that Salmon Thang.  That danged article is up to 3,000 page views.  Can you believe it?  Yeah, we want "Outta da fire!"

Susun was off today to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity's ReStore.  Although she only volunteers four hours each week, she rules the roost when she's there and everyone does her bidding as she flits through the big store like a Blur Bird herself.  I decided to mosey on over late during her stint and she set up this great photo, motioning me over and saying, "This is The Place."  Who was it that said that in Utah in 1847?

Gary finished up his hike along the entire length of the Teton Crest Trail Friday about 4:30 pm and showed up here at 7 pm.  He even had time to stop off and eat dinner at Bubba's BBQ.  We had a great day Saturday visiting the Farmer's Market and the Japanese Garden and all the other highlights.  Sunday we went for a great long two hours bike ride and then he took off about 1 pm yesterday.  It sure was fun to have him here.  Thanks, Gary!

Hilda's Garden is beginning its annual slow decline from the Glory Days of early August.  Even though the garden still look spectacular, keen observers can notice the signs of the onset of fall running rampant amid the splash of color everyone enjoys.

Life here in Idaho Falls this time of year is totally Norman Rockwell.  Kids are playing high school football, Stores are stocking in cool weather fall merchandise.  Bubba boys are sighting their rifles for elk season.  The weather has changed.  Everyone knows it.  Summer's over.  Fall is near.  These are the Last Great Dog Days of Summer that would make any mutt smile as the evening sun sets over yonder maple trees.

Speaking of yonder maple trees, I entered a national Forest Service online contest back in July and won a prize.  Nope, I did win TOP prize but I finished as one of 15 out of 70 entries that made the final cut for a price.  The Forest Service was doing a contest on urban forestry.  I went out and took some pix of Idaho Falls awesome urban forest and, yep, I got into the top echelon of entries.  Feels good, actually.

Have a great evening & Many Cheers!  jp

BUT WAIT!  Here's this totally MOST AWESOME Video from the Man Behind The Verde River Facebook.  Oh, man, how good is THIS?  VERY GOOD!

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