Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chillin' in Salmon

We're hanging out in the Salmon Public Library this afternoon.  It's a great way to beat the heat.  We just put up a great article on Salmon River News entitled "Salmon Summer Bridges.  It's just so classic Salmon, Idaho.  We also moved the Carmen access project article back to the top and added a report on the July streamflows.  Anyway the bridge article is on the top right now.  Click here to go there.

So, here's a story.  While we were packing up at Site 7, somebody came over and parked a car right across from it and left the engine running and the lights on.  I thought that was odd.  However, it all became clear when I drove out of Site 7.  The guy practically burned rubber getting in right behind me.  Site 7 was vacant for perhaps 30 seconds, if that.  That's why it was a miracle for me to have received that gift on Monday.  I will always be grateful.  It was wonderful.

We took many hours to cover what most people drive in less than a hour getting down here to Salmon.  We had a great epiphany at Dugout Dick's Place.  We've been mystified about those giant rocks in the river.  They are downright Easter Island-ish in their abject strangeness.  Today we finally took the time to study them.  They are part of an epic, unimaginable, gi-normous, incredible debris flow of epic and mass wastage proportions.  As nearly as we can tell, a giant chunk of a quartz mountain simply exploded all at once and send those giant boulders flying like a major league baseball fast ball.  Once I began putting the pieces of the puzzle together, it all became crystal clear and I walked around in utter amazement at the intergalactic force of it all.  If there's not already a professional article or paper out about it, this event would surely be worth the attention of an established geologist.  The photo below was taken in June when Josh and I were driving downriver during high water. You can click on the panorama to see a much larger version and scroll back and forth.  Narrative continues below photo.
We were able to met a lot of new people today.  It was a very fun day.  We're going to camp at Shoup Bridge tonight.  it's a tight, cramped place right next to a busy boat ramp and an even busier highway.  But, hey, it's only $2.50 cents for the night.  Pretty tough to beat a price like that.

Have a great evening & Many Cheers, jp

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