Thursday, May 24, 2012

LBRs are restless

Yes, we have been hearing from our LBRs via phone and email about our outright and abject neglect of this blog.  Mea culpa!

We just did some pseudo-research and here are our findings.  So far this year, we have been total slackers.

January, February, March and April, our blog post production was precisely 20 posts per month.  So far this month we have produced 21 blog posts.  Meanwhile, over on the Salmon River Idaho blog we've produced 15 blog posts.  So that means we've actually produced 36 blog posts this month instead of the usual 20 per month this year--EXCEPT, none of our LBRs could give a hoot about reading whatever it is we post up on the Salmon River gig.

One Very Dear LBR who shall remain un-named made a case--"Don't abandon us!"  Well, those words were taken to heart and we won't.  We will cut back on the Salmon blog and bring our focus back to this one.  Honest.

The proof will be in the putting (of blog posts).

Many Cheers!  jp