Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Susun has been enjoying a great Mother's Day weekend.  First off, we took our obligatory trip to the Farmers Market.  This week's weather was light years better than last week's.  Naturally, Susun was in her element again, buying pretty flowers and visiting with all the colorful vendors.

Then Susun went to the All Women's Build Day at the Habitat For Humanity's latest "build."  She spent most of the day there and, naturally made some new friends.  Following a nice nap afterwards, she then headed out to the local Country Club to help Karen L. set up a fund-raiser for the next build.  The event raised over $10,000.

Meanwhile, when she woke up this morning, there were a few nice gifts and a card waiting on the kitchen table.  When we were up at Ellis, Idaho, this week, Susun said she wanted a photo of her favorite place to sit and read a magazine.  Well, now she has a real nice 8x10 of the scene you see below alongside the Salmon River.

We even bought some fresh pesto to put on some toasted foccacia bread for breakfast.  After our Sunday morning bike ride under Blue Bird Skies, she will be off to a Mother's Day brunch with some Dear Friends.  Ah, the life of a Social Butterfly.  She's definitely "in her element," as her daughters love to say.

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