Sunday, May 13, 2012

Exotic Auto Visits

Susun's Dear Friend Nancy made a surprise visit to our Ida-Home yesterday evening.  Susun was gone--she went to the Country Club to volunteer to help stage a fund-raiser.  Nancy was disappointed that Susun wasn't home so she could have a ride in Nancy's Pantera.  However, Little Yonni and a couple of dazed and dazzled skateboarders sure had a good time ogling Nancy's Pantera.  Nancy said she and her late husband acquired the car in 1993.  (Click here for the Wiki on the Pantera.)  Note the speedometer goes to 200 mph!  It's a phenomenal car.  You should have seen the heads turn as people drove by.  One neighbor who drove by waved at us for the first time in five years.  Guess that's what an exotic car will do for ya.  Suddenly you have a lot of new friends.

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