Friday, May 18, 2012

Can you believe it's Friday already?

Wasn't it just Monday yesterday?  Where did the week go?  What happened here?  We are heading off to Yellowstone this morning.  The temps up there will top out around 60 and be real cozy at night in the lower 30's.  Since we will be tucked into a heated hotel room, who cares how cold it gets at night?

We have been prepping what we call our "motel rig" this week.  We have all sorts of cookware and utensils packed into what looks like regular luggage.  We will be to eat and drink quite well in the privacy of our room.
Maybe they will have WIFI over there.

Angel Ginny back in Lafayette called this week to tell a real heart-warming story.  Whenever I found a Bible I would give it to her.  One of the Bibles was a great big old thing.  Turns out it has special meaning to Mom's church--St. Mary's Cathedral.  Ginny some how reunited it with the priests and local Bishop and they went ga-ga over the Bible.  Ginny said they are planning a big ceremony and will put the Bible on permanent display.  YEA, Ginny, you're an Angel!

You probably don't know anything about the late Dugout Dick.  Well, the BLM came along after his death and obliterated all traces of Dugout Dick's famous (of infamous) place along the Salmon River.  This royally peeved our local publisher who has now become a major thorn in the side of the BLM.  It's like watching a boxing match only our guy, Roger, is beating the daylights out of his opponent.  I can't divulge the current status of the match but it's a real hum-dinger.  You can click here to begin to get up to speed on the situation.  We sent Roger an email yesterday saying he really hit a home run ball over the center field fence with the bases loaded. There will be more to report about this unfolding saga.

We finally squeezed in a round of golf on the six-hole kiddie course late yesterday.  We were beginning to despair we would ever play golf.  DF & LBR Terry M's schedule has some how been askew.  Ditto Carrie S.  Well, last fall we played our final two games with Houn' Dawg and put five dollars on teh line for each game. (HD, as you recall, got me into this nefarious sport back in 2010 and is my golf mentor.) By some miracle we won them both and took $10 away from Houn' Dawg.  He's been itching to get his money back so we went at it again yesterday.  I figured I was going to get clobbered and had five dollars all ready to fork over to him.  Things didn't look real good on the first hole when he went up by two strokes.  But then something odd happened.  I made par on two holes in a row and went into the lead.  On the fourth hole, Houn' Dawg came roaring back and went in front by a stroke.  On the last hole, I finally made up that stroke and we finished the game tied.  That meant a playoff.  We chose Hole #2 to begin our playoff.  It came down to the very past putt.  If I dropped the putt, I won.  If I missed then we went to yet another playoff hole.  It was a long putt--maybe 6-8 feet.  I was nervous as a cat surrounded by pit bulls and coyotes.  The ball made the cup and rolled around the lip and dropped in.  BAM.  Houn' Dawg just shook his head and offered congratulations, being the Gentleman that he is.  I felt bad winning another $5 from him but, hey, it's a golf game, what can we say?

Susun finally has her hair back in order.  It's real short now.  It's been real long and often out of control lately.  Short hair look so good on her.  Way to go, Sweetie!

We had lunch yesterday with Mike V.  It's so great to be able to visit with Mike in person again instead of over the phone and via email.  We're going to cook up all sorts of stuff this Idaho Season.  On Tuesday, we set up the "He's Got Fluffy" stage for Mike and two of his co-workers out at the shooting range.  They loved it and we plan on having a weekly mini-match during the lunch hour on Tuesday.

Well, we have lots of last minute packing and scurrying to do on this end.  Gotta run along.  Have a great day & Many Cheers, jp

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Marti Spudboater said...

If I can find them, I've got some photos of Dugout Dick's place. He was trespassing all those years, but still, it was quite an unusual spot. If I find them I'll get them scanned and post. Can't recall if I've got a photo of Dick or not. I will say this--every time I was in the area before or after a river trip, or if I was guiding, I always stopped in and brought Dick some fresh fruit and good bread and pies. He loved that stuff. The BLM can sometimes be run by a small handful of clueless nimrods, kind of like most other aspects of society. Dick wasn't hurting anything and the place should have been kept as an historic site.