Thursday, April 5, 2012

JTCAZ begins Good Friday

The Journey To The Center of Arizona (JTCAZ) begins on Good Friday. The intrepid Argonauts have received orders to report for duty at 0730 at the USDA Forest Service Verde Ranger District Boat House.  Departure for the ghost town of Childs, Arizona, will take place at 0900.  The launch target time is 1300 hours.  The Argonauts will face a tough paddle downstream to the East Verde River.  Four treacherous rapid lie in wait for them as they navigate to their Base Camp.  After the Expedition Camp has been established, the Argonauts will plot and plan their final push to the Center of Arizona on Saturday morning.  Their first attempt to reach Center of State will be their only attempt.  It's all or nothing for them on Saturday.  The Expedition Leader, Captain Dexter Allen, Esq., has decreed that all Argonauts must be back onboard and fully resurrected to be able to head downstream Easter Sunday morning.  Whatever libation(s) may flow and whatever celebration(s) may take place on Saturday night must be put quickly into the past as the Argonauts paddle into the hottest temperatures of the year so far.  Will they make it to the Center of State?  How well will they fare during the five day trip?  Tune in again next week for another thrilling episode of JTCAZ!

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