Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Center of State A Go

The on-off, on-again, off-again Journey To The Center of The State is on again.  This time it looks and acts like the real deal.  When it was truly "off" we made a lot of plans for the period from April 5-10th including a day with Wayne and lunch with Maggie and Steve.

Last Saturday evening we were camped out over at Chip & Kathy's Place when Ace Reporter Steve Ayers stated, "You ARE going on the river trip aren't you?"  We said, "Huh, what river trip?"  Well, we came under the full court press that night from Steve, Chip, Tony and Dex and how we "had" to go.  At that time, we said there was no way as we had already made too many plans.

We polled Wayne about our Play Day and, once he understood the stakes involved he basically said we had to do the trip.  Maggie was an awesome gracious understanding Angel and told us to go, too.  THANKS, Maggie & Wayne!

Then Monday evening at Jodi & Dexter's Place, we learned the dates of the trip had changed.  What next?
Anyway, Dex assured us that the trip definitely would launch on Good Friday and return on Tuesday after the Easter weekend.  Those of you who know how river trip planning ebbs and flows probably aren't too surprised at the twists and turns this trip has taken.  After the dust settled on the Tuesday Shoot yesterday, we decided to hunt down all our camping and river-related stuff to see if we had the right stuff.  Surprise!  We have enough stuff to actually rig out our bivvy for such a trip.  We decided to give it one more "sleep test" last night and woke up this morning feeling 100% all in.

We're going to have to hustle the next couple of days to get all the various things done that need to be done around the house and land, as well as continuing to rig and pack for the trip itself.  It should be a real interesting trip.  The moon goes full Thursday at 12:18 pm Arizona Time.  That means Friday is going to be a slow-moving molasses kind of day.  Not only that, there promises to be some real stiff upstream headwinds Friday.  It should be real interesting to see if we can make it down to the East Verde to get in position for a hike to the Center of State on Saturday morning, especially since we will have at least two novice paddlers along--Steve & Tony.

That's our story this morning and we're sticking to it.  Honest.

Have a great day & Many Cheers, jp

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Marti Spudboater said...

I'm confused. You've yet to say where this river trip is to be. Verde, Salt, what? How did I miss that? Of course you two should go on a river trip. Hay carumba Johnny. That's how I met you for crying out loud. You were the penultimate solo kayak river dude on the Big Ditch for several years.
Get your butts in gear and get on the river no matter what river it is.