Friday, March 2, 2012

A Woman & Her Truck

Congratulations, Marsha, on your "new" truck!  As LBRs know, we occasionally do a blog post titled, "A Man and His Truck."  Well, there are some women who love trucks as much as most men do.  Marsha and Susun and two such women who do.  A good truck is part and parcel of their lives.  Marsha has been without a good truck for quite some time and it's been tough on her.  Now, she is a Happy Camper once again, literally and figuratively.  She had the camper you see here custom fitted to her former Toyota.  It's a great camper, light as a feather and takes Marsha anywhere she wants to go.  We expect to hear all sorts of adventures about "Marsha & Her Truck."  Chances are the first adventure will be when Marsha goes up to raft The Yampa River in early June.

Marsha and Hugh came to visit Wednesday night.  We had a great campfire and a fine dinner at Chez Susun.  As some of you know, Marsha & Hug are the only couple we know whose wedding site is known only by a longitude and a latitude. (AKA: Long lat).  We encouraged them to sponsor a geo-cache at their long lat.  That would be fun.

Susun had lunch yesterday with Rosa, Beth and Gert, part of Susun's adopted family in Sedona.  Those four can really light up a restaurant when they get together!

Little Yonni spent the whole day on shooting sports but that's too arcane to describe here on this blog. Suffice to say he had fun.

Not much on tap for the next few days.  Have a great day & Many Cheers!  jp

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Anonymous said...

The Yampa is a must see river trip. I used to work for Don Hatch back when he was still kicking up on the Yampa, amazing slick rock canyon, Night and day different from the Gates of Ladore. FUN,FUN,FUN...