Saturday, March 10, 2012

Social Saturday

Susun's Social Butterfly side has been in full bloom lately.  She's organized all sorts of lunches, brunches, dinners, hikes and other stuff, too.When Susun gets on a roll, she's truly awesome.  We are very proud of her social organizing skills.  Of course, she's known her many Arizona friends for decades.  Some of her friendships here date way back into the 1970's when she first arrived in Cottonwood.  Susun's earning many an "atta girl" from her friends for the events that Susun has been instigating, organizing and otherwise coaxing into reality.  To paraphrase a common comment, her friend often say, "Thanks, Susun, we'd never be doing these things unless you organized them."  We always remarked that Susun could have been world class sales person if she would have chosen that field of endeavor.  Part of her Social Butterfly Success is what we call her "sales gene."  When she puts her mind and Spirit to it, Susun could have Eskimos lined up from the North Pole to Fairbanks waiting and wanting to buy ice from her.

The photo above of (l-r) Linn, Rosa, Phyllis, Kate and Susun was taken earlier this week when the group spent a wonderful day hiking along the Baldwin & Templeton Trails below Cathedral Rock. (AKA: The State Stamp Stroll).  Susun spent last night at a soiree over at the home of Phyllis near Jerome.  When she returns this morning,she will be a whirling dervish to get ready to serve a lunch to Amy and Betty.  Meanwhile, she's already been delivering a sales pitch to the blog author about being real busy tomorrow, too.  Susun's Mom, Doris, had a beloved nickname: "Turbo TuTu."  Doris even had the name put on a vanity license plate. Well, it's pretty easy to see where Susun gets all this social energy--she inherited it from her Mom!  At the pace Susun has been running hither and yon lately, she'd make a roadrunner envious.
You GO, Girl, and as Kirsty is fond of saying, You GLOW, Girl!

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stasea said...

love this!! now I know where I get it from!! Very colorful outfits too!!