Sunday, March 18, 2012

Snow Day

We all remember snow days.  Back in the day...back when we were in grade school or high school and even in college during rare events...we would get a SNOW DAY!  YEA!  It meant we didn't have to go to school.  We could stay home and play and do all sorts of fun stuff.  Snow Days were always precious gifts in our lives.  Well, today has been a precious gift--a Snow Day for 60-something Snowbirds.  We've been hunkered here in our little straw bale house all day watching the snow swirl.  It's a lot like being inside a snow globe.  As we write this, the snow is really coming down.  The flakes are as big as quarters and the ground is becoming white.

Earlier today, the flakes were as big as half dollars and there was more than an inch on the ground.  Gary came over to deliver something and he was covered with snow when he arrived.  It is very beautiful to behold and we are happy and thrilled to have a legit Snow Day in our own home.

Susun said a few minutes ago that she is always very happy to be here during the winter and remarked about how we leave Idaho to get out of the protracted cold and snow of a typical Idaho winter.  She said, though, that her favorite day here this winter is today.  Yep, that's what a snow storm like this can do--make people such as ourselves rather nostalgic in fondly remembering other places and other times in our lives.

It's 6:20 pm now and the light is fading fast.  If the rate of snowfall keeps up, we're going to have quite the white blanket come Monday morning.  Welcome to Spring!  This storm has really plastered the High Country.  The NWS said Flagstaff has anywhere from 10-14 inches and that was several hours ago.  Meanwhile, I-40 is closed in both directions between Ashfork and Winslow, a distance of at least 100 miles.  Interstate 17 is closed northbound and various other highways are closed.  A Snow Day has already been declared for all of the Flagstaff school including the mighty Northern Arizona University, an institution that normally scoffs at Snow Days.  The Arizona Snowbowl ski area had 30 inches several hours ago so we'd guess their storm total will be well over 40 inches by the time this event ends sometime tomorrow.

It's a real winter wonderland out there this evening.  This time of year, these storms are here and gone.  All this snow will be completely vaporized by Tuesday and by Wednesday people will be back in shorts and t-shirts.  Such is the life of a spring snow storm in Arizona.

Have a great evening & Many Cheers!  jp

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stasea said...

wow!! Thanks for sharing...I never get snow days,,,, maybe just rainy days. What a treat for you both