Saturday, March 24, 2012


Jim Bishop is a genuine American Classic and, moreover, a genuine Southwest Classic and, furthermore, a genuine Sedona Classic.  We first met Jim was back sometime in the mid-1980's and we've been Dear Friends ever since.  Ah, the times and stories we've shared.  If words were water, a veritable river has flowed from Jim's fingers throughout his lifetime.  Jim is a writer who writes....all the time...24/7/365 year after year after year.  He never stops.  He's kind of an Energizer Bunny of writing and most of his writing has actually been published, including a lot of it in exchange for real money.  Jim isn't content just to write for himself, he's been doing ghost writing for many years.  Who knows how many memorable speeches in Sedona history were written by Jim?  We'd guess he's long since lost count of his ghost writing exploits.  Suffice to say, Jim's crafty way with words has made many a citizen activist sound like Demosthenes or Daniel Webster.

Jim and I had a great lunch yesterday.  He took us to Indian Gardens up alongside Oak Creek where the mighty Munds Canyon cuts it jagged gorge through the lip of the Mogollon Rim.  We dined in a serene courtyard behind the historic store-turned-deli.

Jim is forever and always a word or two away from describing a Great Truth and so we sat munching on many a profound thought. His latest book, "The Pink Nectar Cafe" is perhaps a collective metaphor for the elusive mystique of Sedona and the Southwest.  We used the opportunity of our meeting with Jim to prod him to begin yet another book--this one about his own wisdom and  insights.  Bishop isn't one to quickly jump on the band wagon of some one else's idea.  Part of what makes Bishop Bishop is his uncanny ability to march always to the beat of his owner drummer.  Imagine my surprise when Bishop immediately embraces my idea and then begins to ponder how best to begin the project!

Bishop is a tough subject to photograph.  Most photos of him look like the one at the bottom where he is inscribing my copy of his book.  Luckily, Bishop got a call from Maddie.  He was late in getting her a ghost-written speech she planned to deliver to the City Council.  Ah, then off came the sunglasses and on came the famous Bishop smile.  We were delighted to capture a shot of Bishop that reflects his happy spirit.

Thanks, Jim, for a great and memorable lunch.  We are looking forward to watching your next book evolve into print.  Many Cheers & Happy Trails, jp


Wayne Ranney said...

Thanks for the great exposé on a local legend! I was fortunate to be in the presence of the Great Bishop later that night in Tlaquepaque.

stasea said...

great reading tonight. thanks. Love that Pic of Mom and Dad!!