Monday, January 30, 2012


There's many things you won't see in an Indiana January.  One of those many things is an evening campfire.  Nope, nobody's out enjoying the balmy Indiana January weather.  They are all huddled inside their warm houses watching TV or otherwise enjoying some form of indoor entertainment.  As you all know, Campfires R Us.  Campfires are an integral part of our Arizona Experience.  When we're in Idaho, we don't build backyard fires.  We burn a fire only when we are actually camping someplace.  However, here in Ol' Airy Zonie, campfires are part of our world view.

Well, Sweetie Susun knows well how dearly we cherish our fires.  She was an Extra Special Sweetie Saturday.  When we arrived back at her brother's place in Mesa, she disappeared for awhile.  Suddenly, I looked out onto the patio and, LO, there burned a beautiful fire!  Oh, how special it was to return to the Arizona Ambiance with a real, genuine, rootin', tootin' fire to boot.

Meanwhile, we returned here to Second Chance Ranch during mid-afternoon with plenty of time to rustle up fire fixin's.  Since we banked six weeks of unburned wood during our absence, we now have plenty of wood to turn.  A campfire cushion, you might say.  So, we really let a White Man Fire rip last night and it was a delight.  The sun behaved admirably (see below); Dear Friends Gary & Robin came to visit and we hung out there for over two hours.  It was a great way to rekindle the flame of my affection for this place.  As Arizonans speed toward the much-ballyhooed Valentine's Day celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Statehood, there's nothing like a lusty campfire to remind us of why we love to live here each winter.

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