Thursday, October 6, 2011


The Oswald Family got into auto repair right after World War II ended.  They've stayed here in the same location for three generations going on at least 60+ years.  Nobody in the Oswald Family exactly knows when they started.  Times change.  They built a new auto repair shop and they are moving there within a week or two.  It's only a block away as they are stick true to their roots in Downtown Idaho Falls.
When we were having the Big Truck (Annie) fixed the other day we got to talking with the The Third Generation of the Oswald Family.  We said, "Hey, how 'bout we come down and take a couple of hundred photos of your Old Place before you move to your New Place?"  Kevin said yes.  We waited for a good weather window but none showed up so we went down today in the worst of weather and took 101 photos.  We will take another 100+ pictures next week, too.

Kevin and the guys are very excited to move into a brand new, spacious shop.  We are taking all of the photos so someday they can look back and remember their "roots."   The soon-to-be-vacated old shop is a total throwback to the 1950's, long before vehicle repair became sanitized, corporate and computerized.  The photo below shows one of the artifacts on their wall and, believe it or not, the 1950's thermometer inside the faded bubble still actually works!  It was a lot of fun having free rein to photograph their shop on a snowy day.

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