Friday, September 16, 2011

Toy Goats & Ethiopian Coffee

Somehow a string of comments evolved under the SNAP Fitness post relating to goats and coffee.  There are now 9 comments below that post--all from Goatherder, Spudboater and the blog author.  We suspect the 9th comment won't be the last one by any means. 

What started out as a simple post about using fitness machines somehow morphed into discussion of goats and coffee.  Supposedly, goats discovered coffee.  Presumably, they were Old Goats.  Everybody knows kids don't drink coffee.  Well, one thing led to another and now Spudboater is heading to a Boise toy store today to buy a small herd of toy goats.  Yep, you read that right--TOY goats.  She's also looking for some Ethiopian coffee.  Supposedly, it was Ethiopian goats that discovered coffee.  Not Kenyan goats or Columbian goats, mind you.  Spudboater is taking off on a 1,000 mile round trip birthday vision quest this weekend to visit Great Basin National Park and Wheeler Peak.  She's going to take along her mini-herd of toy goats (presumably of the Ethiopian persuasion) along with some authentic Ethiopian coffee and pose them for photos on the flanks of Wheeler Peak way out in Eastern Nevada's MOAN Country.

For our part of this whimsical interlude, we pitched in to help Spudboater actually find a source of toy goats in Boise.  Believe me, that was a challenge and led to numerous renditions of a conservation that went like this:  "Hello, do you have any toy goats?  What?  Toy Goats, you know, like a farm animal."  Well, I dunno, I'd have to look, what do you need one for?  Well, it's not for me, my kid wants a goat."  These opening lines led to additional totally strange back and forth communications.  We actually called all sorts of Boise businesses inquiring about toy goats.  What a strange tangent to travel on what was otherwise a fairly normal Thursday.  Finally, we found an obscure toy store that sells all manner of toy goats--the place might even be over run with toy goats for all we know.  Spudboater is going there today.  You can read the blog comments below for more arcane insights into this esoteric pursuit.  We are also helping Spudboater find Ethiopian coffee in Boise. That challenge is a little tougher than finding the toy goats.

There's no doubt this story is in its early stages and will continue to evolve in strange and unpredictable directions.  And there's no doubt you will be hearing more about it right here...on The Daily News...where we strive to take "Ruminations & Reminisces about Mundane Meanderings" in heretofore unimaginable directions.

Many Cheers, jp

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Marti Spudboater said...

The saga of goats continues. On my lunch hour from the State of Idaho I went to the toy goat store. Well, these little toy goats were really tiny. Gave new meaning to Pygmy goats. I only purchased one because the $5 price was exhorbitant for what it was. But that little goat girl is going to Wheeler Peak and I promise she'll be posing in Goatherder's honor. Next stop is finding some Ethiopian coffee beans after work if at all possible from the local co-op.
And the woman at the toy goat store was expecting me. I mentioned a friend had called to inquire about their availability. She knew all about it. They did have an outstanding billy goat puppet but being cheap (it was $37) I didn't get it.
More on the saga of toy goats, coffee and mountains peaks named after the Goatherder. And stay tuned for blog post trip that includes photos and also my family of Idaho potato heads that travel with me when I'm solo.