Friday, September 16, 2011

New plans

You know our motto, "Plans are made to be changed."  And so it is with our schedule for travel south.  We've been saying we won't leave until the leaves are gone.  Well, who knows when that will be?  We'd like to have a predictable travel schedule this year.  So, we're going to leave in the first week of November and pay somebody to deal with the leaves in our absence.  If the leaves are gone before then, great.  If not, no problem.  That means we could be leaving as early as the 1st of November but no later than the 5th of November.  Susun is lobbying for the 5th since she wants to drive through the Salt Lake gauntlet on a Sunday when everyone is in church.

Meanwhile, we made some other travel plans as well.  Susun will be spending Thanksgiving with Daughter Sarah and Grandsons Gage and Van.  She will be leaving Phoenix November 19 and returning the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 26.  Little Yonni will be left to his own devices for both his birthday and Turkey Day.

This morning's Pocatello NWS Discussion contains the following statement:  GARDEN ENTHUSIASTS LOOKING TO EXTEND THEIR SEASON SHOULD PROBABLY BE PREPARED TO COVER SENSITIVE VEGETATION SUNDAY AND MONDAY MORNINGS.  Hum...that sure sounds like it might frost on either or both of those mornings.  So, who knows about the leaves?  We shall see.

It's probably going to rain here today--well, gee, we looked out the window and it IS raining today.  So, it's going to be an Inside Day for sure--no outdoor shenanigans like apple picking or golf ball whacking.  Speaking of rain, Ol' Airy Zonie has been getting really pounded by rain and hail storms.  Flagstaff, for example, has received 3.33 inches of rain since September 1st compared to a normal of 1.30 and last year's paltry total of .30 inches.  Judging from the notes we've received from our Verde Friends, the situation there is probably very similar. Our Arizona place promises to be a tumbleweed jungle as a result.

Well, that's all the new we have this morning.  Have a great Friday and Many Cheers, jp

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