Sunday, September 4, 2011

Perfect holiday weekend

Yesterday was one of those golden holiday weekend Saturdays.  We enjoyed fine friends, fine food, and really fine weather.  There was nary a breath of w-i-n-d and clear Blue Bird skies dazzled the eyes.  The B-17 even flew directly over our house....twice!

Our picnic was wonderfully fun.  Susun met Glenda, Diane, Karen, George, Bill and Bill.  We had baked chicken thighs, really great "funeral potatoes," awesome beans and a superb salad with fresh corn-on-the-cob for lunch in the courtyard.  We enjoyed visiting for over three hours.  MANY THANKS to our new Friends who made this picnic possible!

DF & LBR Terry M. and I batted Memorial Drive project ideas back and forth.  We collaborated sufficiently to come up with a credible first draft of formal recommendations.  

As afternoon turned to evening, Susun and I played about ten games of croquet.  She's really improved tremendously this summer and if you give her the equivalent of a golfer's handicap, she will beat you every time.  We were both so stuffed from the picnic that anything resembling dinner was far from our minds.

We didn't bother beginning to pack for Jenny Lake yesterday.  That's about to change today as the clock doth ticketh down toward our 7 am Tuesday departure deadline.  We are so far out of the tent camping mentality right now it's hard to rally up for this trip.  Last year, we could be packed and gone in two hours.  This year we're going to be lucky if we can get it together in two days.  It looks virtually certain that this will be our one and only tent camping trip of the entire calendar year!  We'll spend a grand total of three nights in the Grand Tetons.  Last year we spent over 50 nights in our tent.  My, what a difference a year makes.

It sure has been a fun four months lolly gagging around Idaho Falls and we look forward to a fine fall season unfolding during our next two months here.

Have a great Holiday Sunday and Many Cheers!  jp

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