Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Check List Frenzy Continues

Yesterday we were able to check a dozen items off our travel prep list.  We expect about the same amount today.  For some odd reason, our intuition is yelling at us to get teh whole checklist done by the end of September or early October at the latest.  Who knows why?  Guess we will find out.

We will be taking a break today to meet up with Houn' Dawg at the Pinecrest chipping range.  Today we plan to go to the far side and use our nine irons across that 100-yard grass expanse.  The weather was exquisite yesterday and should continue that way for the remainder of the week.

Susun spent the morning at the dentist.  Ohm what fun, eh?  She is getting back into going to the APPLE Athletic Club so that's a good trend.  Little Yonni continues plugging away on the tread mill.  Speaking of exercise equipment, does anyone remember the appearance of the old Nordic Track ski machine way back inn the dim reaches of history?  I can't remember but I think they were introduced in the 1970's perhaps.  They were all the rage back then--the pre-cursor of the birth of the exercise machine industry.  I remember sleek and lithe men and women skiing their way to total fitness on the archaic machines.  As I recall, they were wildly expensive--costing hundreds of dollars.  Well, we have one down in the basement--one of the earliest antique models--that we've never used in the four years we've owned it.  We put it on Craigs List yesterday fro $25 and haven't had a nibbler.  Therefore, it gets donated today to the Habitat Restore.  Apparently, people who go to the Restore have a fondness for antique Nordic Track machine--Susun says they have sold four of them this year. Go figure.

When Gary W. visited here in August, he brought along a big supply of unique and hard-to-find first aid supplies for our kit.  Yesterday we finally upsized the first aid kit into a larger box and added all of Gary's gracious contributions.  Gary sent along some photos of his Sawtooth hike.  We thought some of our LBRs might enjoy seeing just how heavily he was packed for that arduous adventure.  The photo below Gary shows a typical area in which he hiked. THANKS, Gary!

Have a great day & Many Cheers!  jp

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Marti Spudboater said...

Happy Birthday to me. And I see that Gary is carrying way to much stuff. If he went to hike in Australia or New Zealand they'd rip that pack to shreds and get him down to 20 lbs in no time. But seriously, I see this amount of gear on folks who do search and rescue. I admire them, and Gary, but it's way too much stuff. Unless you are the only person hiking. It makes sense to split up rescue and first aid gear amongst the party, just like on river trip. Odds of everyone perishing or getting injured are not that likely depending upon where you are headed. My back hurts just looking at Gary. And I know he's one tough hombre. I took duct tape, antibiotic ointment, dental floss, tweezers, and a few bandaids on this trip... that was it in the first aid dept. And an ankle wrap that I used to support my ankle I sprained severely in June. Still not quite all up to snuff.