Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last Day of Summer

On one hand, we're sad to see summer go.  On the other hand, we're danged happy to welcome fall.  Perhaps it's a glass "half empty" or "half full" kind of thing.  Anyway, we plan to max out the fabulous weather we're having right now.  It really can't get better than this. The high temps are in the 70's and the lows have been in the upper 30's.  It's expected to warm a wee bit in the next few days so we might have low 80's and low 40's for our daily temps for about a week.  As we've noted, fall is very short-lived here.  You can pretty well count on nasty weather showing up by Halloween.  Most locals swear that it's local tradition for trick-or-treaters to suffer through biting cold, high winds and a spit of rain on Halloween.  Generally, that's the way it works out.

One rally glaring gap on our annual bucket list is the complete lack of  "paddle time" this summer.  We had several days of "paddle time" in Arizona but nary a nano-second so far this summer up here in river-rich Idaho.  There's clearly something wrong with that picture.  Hopefully, we will deploy at least one boat on the John's Hole pool before the cold winds begin to blow.

Susun went on a tear here yesterday--she worked for probably ten total hours and that's AFTER she went to the athletic club.  Yikes!  Her biggest accomplishment was sealing the courtyard fencing.  Man, she really dove into that tough task with gusto.  She was still working inside the house when I returned from the shooting match at 8 pm.  Amazing tenacity, Susun, way to GO, Girl!

Speaking of the shooting match, my time last night of 106.18 seconds was good enough to rank 14th out of 21 shooters.  Neighbor Bill S. had an amazing number one overall time of 59.05.  He was incredible to watch last night.  I hadn't practiced or shot with the pistol I used for 3 weeks and it sure showed.  Practice pays off.

Speaking of practice, Houn' Dawg and I had some fine practice time on the Pinecrest chipping range.  DR & LBR Terry M. and I will meet at 10 am this morning to play the short house at Sand Creek.  We'll see if any of yesterday's practice pays off.  Our other golfing pard, Carrie, is in the morning paper once again--this time in connection with her debut as a regular contributing columnist.  She and her husband, Jerry, carry on a light-hearted repartee between a country boy and a city girl.

Spudboater is back from MOAN Country and gifted this blog with several comments during the overnight interlude.  Thanks, SB.  Wayne Ranney is back from a 10-day Colorado River trip through Grand Canyon and now he's off again on a Rim-To-Rim hike.  He's a real Energizer Bunny apprentice.  Heck, Wayne could teach the Energizer Bunny a trick or two.  Maybe he could even give seminars on how to BE an Energizer Bunny.

Susun has switched her Habitat volunteer to Thursday so she's off for four hours of service in the ReStore this morning.

Well, that's all folks.  Have a great end-of-summer day and Many Cheers, jp

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