Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wildflower peek @ peak

We did a great six hour road trip today.  It was only 154 miles and we came home just 10 minutes shy of a full six hours.  Guess that means we averaged 25 miles per hour, eh?  We went up into the so-called High Country where the aspens grow and there's still lots of water.  The wildflowers were profuse in diversity, color, fullness of bloom and overall ground coverage.  The photos below are only a handful of the different species we observed--these were the easy ones next to the roads we traveled.  A more diligent photographer could have filled a wildflower book today.  In our short 8 seasons here in Idaho, we've never witness a more kaleidoscopic explosion of wildflowers.  Pretty amazing!

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Marti Spudboater said...

Well, you've now one upped me on the blog a thon road trip scheme. And I need to see Kenyon's cabin and we need to collaborate on a Squirrel Meadows weekend together. I'm also please to hear there was nary an "un bearable bear bear-o-meter encounter".

What a lovely weekend. We had middle of the night wind here and then torrential rain this morning. I had to run out and throw the rain fly on the tent that slumber girls were sleeping in. Last night it was too warm for a rain fly and they'd have been in a sauna. So much for good planning. All in a day for mom "rescue".