Saturday, August 6, 2011

Glowing Gardens

Thursday Susun and Dina spent much of the day judging the city's flower gardens. Most of the gardens are planted and maintained by volunteers. City horticultural staff (Yes, River City actually has a horticultural staff!) plant a few of the gardens simply because they spend all winter dreaming up various designs. Susun and Dina were in their element with this task Thursday. The duo bopped about town "oh-ing and ah-ing" over each of the gardens. For our part, we researched various judging criteria to send them on their way with a rudiment of judging skill. The first photo is almost certainly going to be the winning garden. Both Susun and Dina gave it all "tens."

See if you can pick out the "Cat In The Hat" garden. This one was planted by Diane with the city hort staff. Diane is incredibly creative and puts her personal signature on at least one garden each year.  Believe it or not, the city grows almost all of its flowers and decorative plants from seed each winter.  Long ago, a woman who lived here loved flowers and thought the city should be able to "roll its own," so to speak.  She bequeathed enough money for the city to build two green houses--a seed house and a grow house--plus all the "right stuff" to turn tiny seeds into gorgeous flowers.  Maxine's Legacy lives on each year with the many glowing gardens that make this city so special.  THANKS, Maxine!

Take a look way down at the bottom of the seven photos shown here.  (Susun took lots more photos but we've already used far too many of them.)  Can you guess which one that is?  Well, naturally, it's The Hilda Garden--a site that's been oft chronicled here.  Obviously, Susun and Dina were "recused" from judging their own garden.  Whether or not city staff will choose to include Hilda's garden in the annual contest remains to be seen.  Nevertheless, Hilda's garden stacks up quite nicely against this year's competition. 

Way to go, Susun & Dina, "ya dun good!"  Thanks for being judges of all things bright & beautiful!

Coming up tomorrow morning: Our own garden here @ Idahome.

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