Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tall tale

Here is a short note about our garden.  It's a tall tale because it's REALLY TALL!  The tallest hollyhock is slightly over nine (9) feet.  The tallest sunflower is slightly shorter than the tallest hollyhock so it is pushing nine feet and will probably get there soon.  Meanwhile, what corn survived the wind is a lot taller than Susun.  And those tall squash plants hide some real lunker zucchini.  The one shown in the photo increased considerably overnight.  This is about the time of year when the plants reach their tallest reach.  The sunflowers might sneak in a few more inches but the hocks have pretty well finished reaching for the sky.  Their flowers are still attracting lots of honey bees but the sunflowers have yet to begin to bloom.  These plants are T-A-L-L and that's our tale for this morning.

Many Cheers, jp

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