Monday, August 15, 2011

Pigs didn't fly

It was nip and tuck yesterday.  The pigs gathered and began practicing to fly but they had to stand down.  The temp only reached 88.  One of these days, we will tell you all about how it is that pig go about preparing to fly.  It's quite entertaining, actually.  Today we have a weak cold front moving in.  I'm not sure what an August cold front is all about,especially since they say it's going to be in the 80's all week.  Some cold front, eh?  The Climate Prediction Center says the whole Western US will have above average temps for the next couple of weeks.  If the trend continues, we will have real nice weather for the annual tent-camping tradition at Jenny Lake Campground.

We enjoyed a fine summer Sunday.  The bike along the Greenbelt was great and breakfast at Bella Villa was a real delight.  Our neighbor Kenyon came over for a long evening visit.  It looks like we might take him out to the shooting range this morning. We feel the golf itch coming on in the days ahead and we're looking forward to dusting off the canoe, too.  The river has been far too high for far too long here to even think about canoeing.  Now that it's back to normal and nice and low and lazy, we need to get some "paddle time."

Have a great Monday & Many Cheers, jp

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stasea said...

Mom< you match the flowers!! So pretty!