Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kenyon's Cabin

Our neighbor, Kenyon, has been telling us about his "cabin" for years.  "You gotta come see my cabin," he says.  Well, today we FINALLY made it to Kenyon's Cabin, very much the proverbial "day late."  Thanks, Kenyon, for your patience with us.  Kenyon has really built a knock out little cabin in the woods for his Family & Friends.  It's totally top notch in every regard and the finish work is really professional.  He's maintaining it properly and the place has "class" written large all over it.  WAY TO GO, Kenyon! 
Kenyon welcomes us to The Island.
 The inside of Kenyon's Cabin is really cozy and spiffy.  Every detail is professionally finished.
 Kenyon even made his own honest REAL Man Cave.  Below is what Susun saw through her lens.
 Portrait of a Happy Man in His Man Cave.
 The cabin sure cuts a nice profile from the front...
 ...and the rear!
 Believe it or not, we finally met somebody who cares as much about N-E-S-W as we do.  Each of the tree sections are placed precisely at the cardinal compass points.  Susun is standing at the North Point.  Who knew our very own neighbor loves N-E-S-W so much?
 One of the many cool things inside the cabin is this budding collection of hiking staff emblems.
Susun was so smitten by the place, she had to play Tarzan on top of Kenyon's Man Cave.  I wish I had a video of this one--it could have gone viral.

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