Friday, July 15, 2011

Whirlwind 400 miles

What a whirlwind 13 hour trip it was yesterday. We cleared the city limit sign with nothing but the tail lights at 7 am and rocketed off in a hot rod 2011 Hyundai Elantra. After our first brief stop in Alpine we pulled in and check out Lunch COunter and Big Kahuna Rapids in the Snake River Canyon. Jackson Hole was a mere blur and we were sitting on the deck at Dornan's by 9:30 am. (More captions between photos below.)
Roger really enjoyed looking at those tall pointy mountain peaks they call The Tetons.
We took a picnic brunch over to the same spot where Susun and Roger's Beloved Mom Doris visited in 2008.  Her spirit continues to preside over this special place.
Little Yonni will do anything for a photo.
But it's worth the effort to wade right in and capture a priceless memory there on the shores of Jenny Lake.
Susun always does her part to pose people for photos.
And here's what it looked like through her lens.

It was a picture perfect postcard day.  This is the view from Signal Mountain Lodge looking across Jackson Lake toward Mt. Moran.
There's a lot of water coming out of Jackson Lake Dam.
It was on to Yellowstone where Roger enjoyed seeing all the water, especially gi-normous 132-sq. mi. Yellowstone Lake.
Naturally, we had to go to Old Faithful to have a Chevy Chase American Vacation bonding moment with all of the other thousands of tourons.
At first Old Faithful merely burped and took too long for our collective attention span.  So, we departed the bleacher seats and prepared to head on out.
Luckily, this famous spout performed flawlessly as we were walking back to the car.
Roger loved seeing thunderous Yellowstone Falls.  It was running at its second highest level of all time (at least in modern histry).
The trusty Elantra was incredible.,  It got 40 miles per gallon and was a really plush ride.  The rental car cost $67 and ten gallons of gas calc'd to $35 so the overall cost was a mere $102 for a 400 mile memory-making day.  Thanks, Roger, for your "go for it" attitude to ride along on such a long and winding memory lane.

Many Cheers, jp


Drewser said...

Ok, that's it. We're overdue for a visit.

Wayne Ranney said...

The Teton/Yellowstone area is my second favorite in all the West and thank you sharing these photos with us!

Marti Spudboater said...

Your trip gives new meaning to Gilligan's "three hour tour."

The Goatherder said...

Is it just me or does Elantra sound like it ought to be a heartburn prescription? Great trip!!

Maggie said...

The Tetons and Jackson are my favorite -- I spent two weeks there in 1997. I had a girlfriend who was working for the park service. Her employee housing was an old chicken coop made into living quarters. The view of the Tetons was through the bathroom window. Spent lots of time at Dornans and took incredible hikes and drives. I'm in need of a vacation after this crazy summer. Maybe we'll come up there and do it ourselves.