Saturday, July 16, 2011

Salmon Roger

At first it was Rainbow Roger.  Then it was Teton Roger.  Then it was Old Faithful Roger and now it's Salmon Roger.  Susun really stretched out the envelope today and took Roger on yet another LOOOONG Road Trip--like 375 miles!  Thursday's trip was 400 miles and took 13 hours.  Luckily, this one was 375 miles and took 8 hours.  The Dynamic Duo headed out across the Snake River Plain Desert to Arco and thence up through Mackay to Challis.  From there they went downriver to Salmon and then came back via one of the loneliest roads in these parts.  They saw a mere five northbound vehicles between Lemhi and Mud Lake--a distance of at least 100 miles.  Roger loved it, of course, and chattered about it well into Happy Hour.  Susun kept her appointments, seeing Clark Morley in Lamb's grocery in Challis and interfacing with Duane Wilson and Bill & Judy at the BLM Cottonwood campground.  Susun took Roger to our favorite motel room in Salmon (photo above) where he could visualize a really nice Happy Hour some day in the distant future.  All-in-all, it was a perfect road trip for brother and sister cruising into another dimension far out of bounds on roads less traveled.

Little Yonni spent the day a the shooting range.  Yep, six hours!  It was Ross Coin & Gun Range Days.  Long story but great fun.  Have a wonderful day and Many Cheers, jp

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