Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer's Peaking

Susun mentioned yesterday she thought all her flowers and so forth are at their peak of color right now.  We'd have to agree with her.  Each late July we've witnessed here always seems to express the peak of prettiness.  Everywhere you look everything is full bloom.  It's a delightful time of year.

Thursday golf outing was a real fun time.  The weather was picture perfect, there wasn't a breath of "w-i-n-d" and a hootenanny, happy time was had by all.  Carrie hadn't played in at least five years and made some great shots.  Terry sunk a 30-foot putt and lofted like he was on the Pro-Am Tour.  Susun got a lot of practice with her chipping game and dropped a tough 20-foot putt.  The blog author played better than his last outing but still managed to nail a tree smack in the center of its trunk.  From tree hugger to tree slugger, eh?  It was a memorable morning and the proverbial good time was had by all.

Susun has been going the extra mile this week for Habitat.  She put together a great first aid kit for the Restore.  Yesterday she spent most of the day helping prepare for the Bike To Build event today.  It's always a big deal when the young cyclists come to town to help build a Habitat home for a day.  Their energy is effusive and infectious.  They are awesome.  The bicycle from coast-to-coast stopping along the way to pitch in on a Habitat house.  Their story is amazing.  Click here for their website.  The graphic of their route that's included here obviously hasn't been updated for a weeks or two.  At least the graphic shows their route.  Susun's has been helping with the lunch preparations and will be the Event Photographer.

Meanwhile, Susun is in full on prep mode for a party she's staging here Monday evening.  Over ten of her friends will be attending to meet and greet Rose S. and now Bonnie B., too.  It promises to be a memorable soiree and the courtyard has never looked better.

The blog author continues to be smitten with all things relating to shooting sports.  He's been out to the range for three days in a row and burned through a lot of ammunition.  He learned some rudimentary gunsmithing as well as how to make adjustments to successfully sight in a wildly inaccurate pistol.  Dear Friend BTB literally went the extra mile out on I-80 east of Salt Lake City to pick up six pounds of .45 ACP brass for the cause.  THANKS, Bryan!

Joshua W. is down in The Big Ditch.  That's what some of the river guides call the Grand Canyon.  He departed yesterday on a Grand Canyon Youth trip between Lee's Ferry and Phantom Ranch.  He will be hiking out of the canyon at one of the hottest times of the year but at least he's done it once before and knows what to expect.  We all will be thinking of him each and every day during his trip.  Each trip anyone does in The Big Ditch imparts an expanded level of consciousness in ways that are far beyond the descriptive scope of this blog.  We fully expect this trip to yield many dividends for Joshua as his future evolves.

DR & LBR Wayne Ranney's most recent post on his excellent blog is a real winner.  Check this quote: "You can mark your own disambiguous moments in life and watch as other people become perplexed at your hyper-awareness of time."  Click here to read it.  Way to go, Wayne, and Happy Belated Birthday. (The photo is of Wayne on his birthday on top of Arizona's highest point in the San Francisco Peaks.) Both Spudherder and Goatboater haven't posted up to their blogs for a few weeks.  Maybe we can give a gentle nudge to resume blogging.  Lately, we ourselves have been downright slackers as far as blogging goes, so we can sure empathize with their lack of posting.

That's about all the news we can muster this morning.  Have a great day & Many Cheers, jp

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Marti Spudboater said...

Susun's flowers are unbelievably gorgeous. I hope they can hang on a week longer so I see them in person. The only thing this little spudherder has been herding are teen girls who swarm around house to house to house like a rugby scrum. Maybe I'll blog about there sleepover Thursday night.