Sunday, July 31, 2011

El fin de Julio

All good things must come to an end and so it is with the month of July.  Bye, Bye, July.   The month began with Susun's oral surgery and moprhed quickly into that annual red, white and blue weekend.  Hardly before we knew it, Roger was here for a week and then it's been a whirlwind of visitors ever since.

Byran and "Da Boyz" (Nathan & Sam) left yesterday morning about 9 am and Marti B. (Spudboater) arrived about 2.  We three thoroughly enjoyed a Saturday evening of croquet, camaraderie, coolers and cocktails.

The Brown Family visit was way too short--something on the order of 19 hours total.  Bryan says he will remedy that next year and stay for 2-3 days.  We hope so.  Spudboater gets to stay until sometime tomorrow before bouncing back to Boise.  Yea, Marti!

After Bonnie and Bob left Thursday, Susun and I were in a real low energy ebb but luckily rallied up in the nick of time for Bryan and his sons. 

July 2011 will be remembered as a "MOVing" month.  (MOV=Month Of Visiting).  It's been fun and we've enjoyed every day of it, even if has been a very high energy month.

August will be a much slower-paced month.  Here's what is shaping up so far as we know.  Arizona Dear Friend Gary W. is pretty sure he will be visiting August 19-21.  We have the Riverside Campground Space A21 booked for August 30 to September 1st.  That's about it at this point.  As usual we will be heading over to Jenny Lake the day after Labor Day.  This year Susun isn't traveling to San Diego for Van's birthday so we might turn the Jenny Lake trip into a long-distance road trip of some sort.  We're thinking of a start in Jenny Lake, then over to Dubois, Wyoming, and then up to Cody for a visit to the museums there and then up into the Beartooth Pass area before coming back down through Cooke City, Lamar Valley and home via Yellowstone Falls.  That time of year it's easy to get a campsite inside the sprawling National Park.  We shall see, as they say.

Joshua got off the Colorado River at Phamton Ranch and returned home to Cornville yesterday.  Way to go, Josh.  Deano reports he's been having a great time being a guide away on Oregon's Rogue River. Wayne Ranney has a new post (July 28th) on his blog about a great river trip he took up in Colorado.  You will surely enjoy it.  Kirsty put up a wonderful photo-filled blog post showcasing the Family's four-month-old Baby Ella.  Check it out.

Yesterday was another Two Guns Day for Little Yonni.  He actually sold two pistols in a single day!  Only two more to sell and the collection will be leaned down for to those that actually get used on a regular basis.  There's simply no reason to keep firearms around that see no use whatsoever. What's the point? 

We're having far more fun reloading ammunition than we ever thought we would.  We got into reloading to save money.  What we didn't foresee or expect is that the repetitive aspects of reloading can be an excellent way to relax and actually meditate.  It's a wonderful way to take a break from a busy day.  One simply can't make a mistake while reloading.  Mistakes are not allowed.  So one must maintain a high level of focus and awareness of what one is doing......over and over and over again in the same methodical repetitive motion activity.  Meanwhile, in all that repetition, the mind relaxes and slows down and it's quite delightful, actually.  We can now see that we would enjoy reloading for its own sake even if it didn't yield a significant savings in the ongoing expenses of shooting sports.

Bryan delivered six pounds of .45 ACP brass Friday.  We've polished up less than half of that amount and are now busily proceeding to reload about 300 rounds of the stubby little 100-year-old historic cartridge.  Instead of dreading the repetitive aspects of taking six separate steps to load each and every cartridge, we now look forward to this process knowing the calm enjoyment it will bring to our day.

Well, there's nothing else much to chit chat about this morning.  Enjoy the last day of July, get ready for August and enjoy Many Cheers!  jp

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