Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Down South

How are things going down south these days?  Well, the temps have been roaming well over 100.  Goatherder reports a temp as high as 108 in Cornville.  We suspect it's probably been 110 in Rimrock.  When it gets above roughly 105, each degree of temp becomes a lot like the Richter Scale.  How hot it feels increases exponentially with each degree up until about 120 when you lose consciousness and the temperatures don't matter any more.  Anything over 120 is like a Magnitude 8.0 earthquake to the heat sensors of your brain.  Gary reported last night that the Montezuma Well vicinity received over an inch of monsoon rain.  Oh, how the tumbleweeds needed a good drink from the sky.  Summer rain is what really helps them flourish and grow BIG and BUSHY!  Thanks, Gary for sending the three photos of Second Chance Ranch.  We know our LBRs will also appreciate being able to see what the place looks like in the high heat of mid-summer.  Many Cheers, jp


Marti Spudboater said...

Yup, I confess, I much prefer Second Chance Ranch in late March. The Mogollon Rim is beautiful, as is the mesquite, the days pleasantly warm and the nights always perfect for a campfire. No campfires this time of year unless you want to catch what vegetation abounds, on fire. Your move to IF for cooler weather is perfect. Glad I got to share springtime with you, Gary & Robin; and Mr and Mrs Goatherder.

stasea said...

lovin the blog this AM!! Great pics of the parade!! Thanks!! XOXO