Monday, June 6, 2011


So, here's a story for you this rainy Monday evening.  I've been looking at the tires on the Nissan pickup (AKA: Snappy) for about the past year kind of keeping an eye on 'em and monitoring their wear down.  Within the past six months I began thinking, "Hum, we're gonna need to replace those tires before our next round trip to Arizona."  Bear in mind that these tires are still real safe and have LOTS of tread life left in them.  Afterall, they are top-of-the-line Goodyear tires.

Well, as chance would have it, I was roaming 'round Sam's CLub the other day and noticed they were having a Michelin tire sale.  You tire-heads know that Michelins are the best tire on Planet Earth.  This morning I called up Sam's and asked 'em how much the "out-the-door" price would be for four new Michelins for Snappy including all tax and add on fees, etc.  They said it would be $369 and change.  That alone is a smokin' deal, folks.  Being being the Deal Dude as I called by The Spudboater, I decided to see how I could drop the price just a wee bit more to sweeten the deal.

First, I asked Miss Susun to inspect her tires. Afterall, Snappy is her ride.  Then, I laid out the options and she agreed to "The Plan."  So, then I hot-footed it back to the computer and listed the four tires that are on Snappy as we speak for $60 and I said that they were the best four used tires in ALL OF EASTERN IDAHO AND BEYOND!  Well, that siren call netted me a nearly immediate response from some Bubba Dude who works in Pocatello but lives up near Freddie in Eye-Eff.  I said I'd be happy to drive off and show him the tires as long as it was BEFORE 5 pm.  Well, he didn't get back into the city before 5 so Happy Hour commenced.

Meanwhile he called and wanted to see the tires.  I said I had a glass of wine and couldn't drive a vehicle so he agreed to come here to look at them.  Sure enough, he showed up right away in the pouring rain and we went out into the driveway to do a walk around the Nissan.  This guy was on top of his stuff.  I could see that he knew how to evaluate tire tread by the way he used his fingers.  He started at the passenger rear tire and worked his way around to the driver's rear tire.

So, as he was carefully inspecting the last tire, I said, "Well, what do you think?"  And he slowly turned to face me and straightened up to his full 6-2 (+ or -) height and yelled out:


while simultaneously raising his right hand to give me a righteous high five.  Oh, how we both practically doubled over in laughter at his use of one of our favorite words. (Napoleon Dynamite is one of his Heroes.)

Hey, for sixty bucks, you can't possibly find a set of matched used tires this good within several thousand square miles.  He knew it.  I knew it.  And it was truly SWEET!

Meanwhile, that means we get a new set of Michelins with an 80,000 mile warranty for a mere $309.  Now that really is:

Cheers, jp

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