Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh, Oh...

Um...yoo-hoo, Houston?  Could we have a word with you?  Now, Houston, this is not to say we have a problem....yet...but we sure might be having one soon.

Here comes the Big Craps Shoot In The Sky--the one that water managers have been on pins and needles about for weeks.  In a nutshell: warm temps and a heavy rain.  Opps.  The wild card today and tomorrow will be just exactly where the rain falls.  If the cosmic dice roll snake eyes, the House wins and everyone can exhale.  If the dice roll a seven or eleven, the House loses.  Frankly, things have been going quite well with this spring's water management so I'm gonna bet on the House to win this one.  But the high rollers have come to town and there's a lot at stake in this craps game.  The proof will be in Wednesday's pudding of streamflows.  Pull up a comfy chair, bring a bag of popcorn and watch The Show!

Cheers, jp

PS--This morning's US Navy water vapor view for the Eastern Pacific is below.   There's more where this one came from!

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