Sunday, June 26, 2011

Picnic Prospects

'Tis 'bout 8 am here and we have about 3 hours to get ready for our picnic guests coming around 11-ish.  So what's on tap for the picnic menu?  Baked chicken thighs, Hebrew National 97% fat free hot dogs, potato salad, cole slaw, sweet corn, baked beans, watermelon, sodas and lots of red, white and blue decorations, plus croquet, too.  That oughta do it, doncha think?

Yesterday was a real nice Saturday.  We enjoyed both Farmers Markets.  The legacy market gave away strawberry shortcake.  The newcomer market featured our neighbor, Chuck, and his group playing bagpipes.  We even finally bought two one-gallon tomato plants.

Susun entertained Shirley for a tea brunch and then Teresa and her friend John and his son and Teresa's nephew came over for some croquet.  While the women and kids played croquet, John and I played two games of chess.  I lost them both, of course, but at least they were close.

Susun drove down to the Farmers Markets in Samantha so she could listen to some classical music on the really nice car stereo in that Samurai.  I rode a bicycle since Saturday morning classical doesn't exactly float my boat, or note, as the case may be.  Anyway, while riding the bicycle back from the markets, I happened to pass one of the 100+ yard sales happening here yesterday.  (No kidding, it really was over a 100.)  Anyway, I spotted a Gra Lab darkroom timer sitting in a box of photo processing stuff.  The woman quoted me a dollar on the timer and I gleefully took it home and listed it on eBay immediately.  I quickly deduced the typical model #300 timer was selling anywhere from $25 to $60 so I listed it as a "Buy It Now" for $16.50 (plus $15 shipping).  I figured I would make somebody's day.  It sold within minutes to some woman who lives in the middle of Manhattan, New York.  That was a fun vignette.

There really wasn't much else happening yesterday to write home about.  It was a just a nice, laid back Saturday.

Create an awesome day today!  Cheers, jp

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