Monday, June 27, 2011

Bubbly kind of day

 Yesterday turned out to be a near perfect Picnic Day.  The Heavens even cooperated and put on  a light show right smack in the middle of the day.  None of us have ever observed anything such as the above colored cloud.  Maybe it was an omen for a colorful day.
 Colorful, indeed.  Susun brought our all her Big Gun Party Toys, including the battery operated bubble machine.  "Oh, Boy," as Hank The Cowdog would say.  Here she is in her element once again.
 There were ba-zillions of bubbles to be had.  Here, Madison V. enjoys bubbles in the courtyard.
 (l-r) Chance, Mike, Camille and Madison V. spent a great picnic day with us.  We enjoyed many games of croquet, bocce ball, foosball, frisbee, water pistol fights, bubble blowing extravaganzas, card tricks, and heaping piles of fine summer picnic food.  THANKS for creating such a great day!
 Later in the evening, Susun went over to visit Karen's Family and Friends for a campfire and marshmallow roast.  (We will add everyone's names a little later this morning.)  Susun and Karen enjoy Happy Times below.  It might have been a week early but it was every bit as good as July 4th oughta be.

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