Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back to Blogging

You've probably noticed we took a blog break.  Yep, this blog break lasted almost two days.  Time to put the nose back to the blogstone here.

Hey, it's finally going to be a truly glorious day.  All days are glorious in their own way, of course, but a TRULY glorious day has no wind, clear blue skies, and temps pushing the upper 70's or maybe even the 80's plus a big fluffy whitewater river downtown and lots of ladies planting flowers.  (Lots of ladies would have their own acronym of LOL if it wasn't already taken.)

Planting Day at the Hilda Garden is always one of year's most special days for Miss Susun.  She's really rallied a lot of people to come and plant today and none of them will be able to use the "bad weather" excuse to weasel out of planting.  It promises to be a wonderful and memorable morning--I can hardly wait myself what with me being the designated photographer.  (That's like designated driver only different.)

When the wind dies down and the storm clouds travel east to torment someone else, a beautiful aura descends to hover over this city.  Such days as we expect to have here today are exquisite sparkling gems. "Sweet," as one ND is wont to say.

Yesterday evening was quite fun.  Social Butterfly Susun set up a soiree of croquet and cocktails for her Dear Friend Karen L.  I served as both croquet course manager and croquet coach.  Karen aced some amazing long distance shots and seemed a shoo-in to win easily.  However, as usually happens when no one is paying attention, Miss Susun came storming back and won by a stroke.  Go figure.

Yesterday was a ruben-a-palooza.  Between me and Miss Susun, I'm guessing we made nearly a dozen ruben sandwiches.  When it rubens it pours.  Miss Susun entertained her Dear Friend Kris C. for lunch yesterday and rubens were the order of the day.  Once in awhile, there's nothing that can beat fresh beef pastrami with some expensive deli-sliced swiss on pumpernickel with sauerkraut toasted panini-style in a George Foreman grill.  Oh, man, those things are yummy!

My day was yet another Arizona-style dust devil of running hither and yon, back and forth across town way too many times.  I felt like I was in a high speed merry-go-round all day and it didn't stop until the stroke of Happy Hour.  After the dust settled, I wound up with two new pistols, one repaired pistol and a reloading press.  And that's after doing the food shopping for Miss Susun's social appointments.  All of the firearms-related stories will soon show up on our shooting blog.  It would take way too long to tell those stories here. Suffice to say it was another great rendition in the time-honored "All In A Day's Karma" tradition.

We did have a couple of blog posts up here briefly.  We took them down so we could incorporate then into a longer blog post such as this one.  A couple of days ago, DF & LBR Wayne Ranney sent along a note that the Spring 2011 NAU Cline Library newsletter included a note about the John Parsons Collection.  We are really humbled and honored to be mentioned by that august institution.  We made a screen shot of the newsletter snippet shown below.  THANKS, Wayne, for sending along this great surprise.  DR & LBR Maggie made a real kind three word comment on that blog post.  She said, "Very, Very Cool."  THANKS, Maggie!

Speaking of blog comments, Spudboater suggested we "spend some money on gas to take your sweet Susun camping and carousing around."  We would agree, so next week we will be on the lookout for day trip opportunities.  We sense that summer is just around the corner, even if the forecast calls for a return of cool, wet weather next week.

And speaking of the opposite of cool and wet, poor Arizona is in the clutches of yet another epic wild fire season.  Tens of thousands of acres have gone up in smoke this week.  You can Google up the situation.  The trouble is that there's probably at least four more weeks of tinder dry conditions and then the pre-monsoon lightning storms will show up.   Pray that nobody gets hurt during another historic bout with wild fire in Ol' Airy Zonie .

OK, here is our local water situation:  the Snake continue to hold steady just below 29,000.  The snowpack shows signs today that it peaked this week and is beginning to think about leaving the scene.  This weekend warmer temps should really start the meltage in earnest.  We think we're beginning to write the history of the final chapter of this year's amazing runoff season.  We're guessing the the final crescendo of this year's awesome stage play is perhaps 2 weeks away.

Well, have a great day and many cheers!  jp

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