Sunday, June 5, 2011

75 degrees yesterday

(l-r: Susun, Carrie, Dina & Shirley G.  Shirley is seated.)
'Twas as wonderful a day as we thought it might be Saturday.  Miss Susun & Crew planted about 1200 flowers at the Hilda Garden.  It's a beautiful sight to see.  Thanks to Dina, Rachel, Shirley, Shirley and Carrie the garden is decked out in floral splendor for yet another summer season. (Rachel left before the group photo so she is shown at left with Dina & Susun.) I spent most of the morning helping the crew, too.  All that water surging over The Falls is really mesmerizing.  Likewise, it's so fun watching all the people walk, jog, saunter, stroll and otherwise promenade along the Greenbelt. What a Gem for The Gem State!

Our afternoon was pretty non-descript after the hustle-bustle of the aerobic planting session.  I messed around with various target shooting tasks while Susun tidied the yard and took a real long nap.  We finally played several rounds of cribbage during the evening hours.

Mike and his son Chance and I are going target shooting this morning so our Sunday bicycle will be delayed until mid-day.  Hopefully, we can play some croquet or (eee-gads) maybe even some golf this afternoon.

The river continues to recede very gradually.  The Two Ocean Plateau SNOTEL has shrunk an inch in water content during the past two days so its peak will now be officially listed as June 2-3.  the Grassy Lake SNOTEL has lost 11 inches of snow in the last couple of days.  That means the meltdown is definitely beginning and will only accelerate from this point forward.  We're still sticking to oru two week time frame for the peak of the melt of the high elevation snowpack.  Palisades Reservoir is in good shape to contain the runoff this year.  It's 25% full and Jackson Lake has been drawn down to 44% of capacity.  Barring a super HOT spell or a warm rain, the BuRec water managers might have dodged a bullet this year.  Only time will tell.

While driving around town yesterday, we noticed this new addition to a median strip near the railroad underpass. We thought you would enjoy seeing it.  Those city Horticultural People just never stop thinking of new and creative ideas!  Below that is easily the most creative tomato carrying contraption I've yet seen in this lifetime.  Have a great Sunday & Many Cheers!  jp

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