Friday, May 20, 2011

A Year Ago Tonight

A year ago tonight we played host to The Spudboater at Baumgartner Campground on the South Fork of the Boise River somewhere in MOAN Country east of Featherville, Idaho.  We were pretty smitten with Baumgartner a year ago.  We had a wonderful weekend with Spudboater--it was a classic get together. 

Last year, it cost us $115 in gas to get there and back.  Luckily, someone else was paying the gas costs.  This year, the same trip would be well over $150, plus the nightly fee for camping.  Chances are we would spend $200 to go camping at Baumgartner. 

Is it worth it?  Well, yeah, in a way it is.  But, on the other hand, you have to look at what $200 would do for you just staying home here in the city.  Geeze, we can live like a King and a Queen here for $200 over the same time frame.  Heck, $200 would cover us for WAAAAY more than a week hanging out doing whatever we felt like doing with lots of money left over. 

That's the whole trouble with high gas prices--prices have become so high it's a real negative reinforcement loop.  You look at what it costs to go somplace and then you look at what the same amount of money could do if you spent it here in Idaho Falls and stayed home.  It's a no brainer most of the time. 

Why bother to spend $200 when we can have a ball here at home for a lot less money.  Last Friday's 164 mile trip only cost us $21 and we started from home and finished at home.  Now that's a great way to spend twenty one bucks.  For the cost of one trip to Baumgartner, we could do danged near ten such trips! 

The "new math" of high gas prices sure have changed our travel equation--no doubt about it.  And, guess what?  We don't mind at all.  It's great to be here.  One of the reasons we chose this city is that it's filled with fun, low cost stuff to do.  We reasoned as long ago as October 2005 that Idaho Falls would be a perfect place to be when gas prices got outrageous. 

Well, guess what!  We were right!  This place rocks and we don't have to spend a dime to travel to get here.  We already Be Here Now.  Us chickens have come home to roost in our own coop.

Click here to read the blog post from a year ago about Baumgartner.


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Anonymous said...

Is it that we live in the best of times? We have the best food from around the world at our door step and so meny things here, and so meny places we can go all on a gallon of gas. Remember when gas was .28 or .35 $ How long will it take untill the mass's can travel so easy on so little $. It was a fun ride. Deano