Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Camper

Well, well...what's Little Yonni all smiles about?  Yesterday was a fun and memorable day--possibly even a Dear Diary Day.  I was all smiles because we just wrapped up the sale of both the 1987 red Suzuki Samurai and the oversize tires we took off it a week or so ago.  Plus, even though we didn't sell Grand Pa's pistol, we actually had someone offer full price for it.  On top of that, we bought an awesome piece of luggage at a ten cent store for $6.88 that retails for $329.99.  (Not a typo.)  And on top of that, we learned more about our GPS unit in one day than we've learned in the past few years...combined.  And on top of that, we received more emails from Dear Friend Tom B. in a single day than we've received in the past year or two combined! Tom is mentoring us about how to get started in reloading. "Sweet," is what Napoleon Dynamite would have said about the day.  

The Samurai sale was easily the sweetest of all.  How so?  Well, as you may recall from our chatter last September, we thought the little red Sammi was one of the best Samurais we'd ever seen--so nice, in fact, that we simply couldn't bear to take it out on a back road.  Likewise, we estimated it's true value to be $2500 so we added $500 worth of repairs and maintenance to the $1950 purchase price and stopped tinkering with it when our investment reached $2700.  The extra $200 was title, registration and $100 in gas to go pick it up south of Provo.  You can click here to read the summary of our investment in the Sammi.

Well, lo and behold, we were contacted by a car dealer from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  JH, as locals call the place is awash with rich people and you can actually smell money when you hit the city limits.  (The scent of money is hard to describe but you sure know it when you smell it.)  Anyway, this guy was delivering a Mercedes to a buyer in Pocatello and he swung by yesterday afternoon.  Boy, oh, boy, he really put "Sonny," as we call that Sammi, through its paces.  He offered $2500 but I turned him down and waved goodbye.  Meanwhile, later in the evening he called up and offered $2700.  BINGO!  We jumped all over that and we will transfer the Sammi to him today.  The really sweet part of the deal is this:  the buyer said the Sammi is the finest he has ever seen.  Next, he said I was the best seller he's ever dealt with and complimented me on my honesty.  Third, he said he loved that Sammi so much that he's going to give it a complete restoration and list it for sale for $8000!  (Not a typo.)  He thinks some rich Jacksonian will buy it as part of their stable of cars--you know--the stuff that fills an eight car garage.  He figures whoever buys it will drive it maybe once a week to downtown JH to buy a croissant or some other foible. Anyway, it was very sweet to receive vindication and positive feedback for our assessment of that vehicle and to have stopped putting money into it at precisely the level we knew we could ultimately recover.

Some of you will be thinking, "Well, what about your time?"  That's a good question.  Bear in mind that we list "Suzuki Samurai" as one of our official hobbies.  Working on a Sammi is a labor of love and is a cherished hobby.  People don't count the hours they spend on their hobbies and neither do I count the time spent tinkering with a Samurai.  They are just so much fun to mess with it that the time factor doesn't matter.

Meanwhile, a different guy is coming by this afternoon to pick up the cast off wheels and tires for $240.

No wonder Litlle Yonni was all smiles last night!  It was a great day.  And to top it off even more, Goatherder sent along a photo album from Joshua's graduation.  All of the pictures therein are wonderful and some are downright emotional.  We show only one here.  Thanks, Goatherder!  (By the way, we are chronic clutterers of our desktop.  We clean it up once every two months whether it needs it or not. See GH's comment below.)

Oddly, the sun is shining today.  How fitting!  Have a great Friday and Many Cheers!  jp


The Goatherder said...

You look like a happy camper. You ought to clean up the desktop on that poor computer behind you, it looks like the inside of my shed ;-)

Marti Spudboater said...

I love that photo of Josh. And it's really nice that it looks to be outdoors. In Boise all the high schools to graduation at Boise State Taco Bell Arena. Which is nice, too. But not the same as graduation in Cornville. Congrats to GH and Katie on being part of the awesome influence on Josh. And you, too, Johnny.